Business area:
Corporate & contractual consultancy | Administrative & accounting consultancy | Tax and fiscal consultancy and assistance
Tax litigation | Extraordinary transactions | Auditing and legal control of accounts

Legal area:
Civil law | Corporate & commercial law | Criminal law

Labor Area:
Payroll & Contributions Consulting | Litigation

The PBCB law and business firm, active since February 2006, is the ideal partner for any company.
The team of trained professionals soon became part of the economic and social fabric of the Province of Como and Northern Lombardy, following important clients, including international ones, from artisans to traders, from large industries to nonprofit associations.
As of today at the offices of Volta No. 70 we find a complex and articulated structure with a legal area, a tax area and a labor consulting area.

The Firm's constant updating on the technology front and its anticipated use to solve
all problems, today places the PBCB Firm among the most advanced in business consulting, in the belief that the economic situation, ongoing institutional reforms and new requirements represent not an obstacle, but a great opportunity for their clients to seize.

A new generation firm, which wants to position itself differently by overcoming barriers and aggregating professionalism thanks to the experience gained in dealing with the public administration, the economic fabric and the fundamental friendship and synergy among all professionals. The PBCB firm fields an unprecedented and fundamental support for its clients.