Year 2006: Puntello & Bianchi - Commercial Law Firm is born. The offices are in Via Emaudi in Como at number 4. Soon this structure will be found to be undersized with a need for new space and especially more professional aggregations.

Year 2008: Attorneys Susanna Cassina and Filippo Bernasconi join forces.
The acronym PBCB is coined from the merger of the two firms. The offices move to the prestigious new office in Via A. Volta at No. 70. It is an important year from an organizational and structural point of view as a new coworking model for the professional sector begins to develop. The aggregations that will take place in the following years are the result of a well-defined approach already adopted in 2008. With regard to the operating system, substantial experimentation is initiated only on Mac machines with an emulation for the software of a windows environment. This approach implemented then will remain unchanged to this day with continuous implementations and developments.

Year 2012: Enter lawyer Enrico Arnaboldi with his irreplaceable associate Anna. Lawyer E. Arnaboldi represents a graft of quality and professional experience that combines well the other professional figures, making a relevant contribution.

Year 2013: The professional aggregation developed in previous years is consolidated with the addition of the area dedicated to labor and payroll with Dr. Loredana Giordano (licensed labor consultant). On the ground floor of the offices at 70 Volta Street, a structure of about 8 staff members is born.

Year 2014: Lawyers Andrea Ciccarone and Angela Nava join the firm.

Year 2015: Dr. Michela Cappelletti qualifies as a certified public accountant.

Year 2017: move all software to external servers with remote-desktop connection. Possibility of access with dedicated customer connections, overnight system upgrades, automatic backups, no installation and exclusive use of virtual machines.

Year 2020: PBCB firm becomes an official partner of Sole 24 ore. The network that energizes clients' business. The new and exclusive professional network with the Sole 24 Ore guarantee.

Year 2021: Attorneys Antonio Marzetti and Sabrina Corona join the firm, bringing a significant professional background that adds greater luster to our structure.

(Antonio Marzetti)

(Sabrina Corona)